Ok, there are a few small developments. All behind the scenes stuff.  For example, we have materialized a few of the things I put in as fictiious placeholders.

one is our myspace page.  There isn’t much there yet, but we have it in place to build upon.  thanks Di!

We also are on Gmail, as threatened.  So, those links you see around here are mostly real.  Where they aren’t, they are place holders for my main site.

Saturday night, we’ll get some pics taken.  Sunday too.  We will have good pics up here and on the Myspace page.

Also, there are basically three different URLs you can use to get right here.  The first is it’s real url.   http://www.clownfight.wordpress.com

but that is wordy, so don’t bother with that one.  The other two we bought are



also, I will likely buy http://www.clownfightmusic.com as well.

thanks for your patience, see you this weekend.