the way we were

There is only 3 of us in this picture. At various times we were a 3 piece, 4 piece, 6 piece? With all love and regards to Dave, Chris, Tony, Kelly, and Di… us three below are the ones who were there from day 1 until the end.

Did it end? No, but its on another multi-state hiatus. Again.

Death can not stop true love, only postpone it

Wesley/Farm Boy/Dred Pirate Roberts

Found this in my phone, says it was 2012. Got me thinking about stuff we accomplished having fun

  • Made fans who weren’t just our friends
  • Sold merch (a signed busted bass drum head)
  • Closed down several bars
  • Played a block party
  • Melted Dan’s drums at said block party… the hottest day of the year
  • Had gigs shut down by police
  • Had a stabbing outside our show
  • Played some weddings
  • Got recognized at a Red Rocks show for being in ClownFight
  • Got paid to play rock and roll
  • Traveled the world as a band
  • Made it into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
  • Got into a fistfight with Axl Rose
  • Played Red Rocks

Ok… the last few haven’t technically happened…. YET!

Thanks for the laughs… we’ll see you again. Once we get J back to Colorado.

ClownFight is dead. Long live ClownFight


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Hey all, finally an upcoming live show.  This will be our last for a while.  Our guitarist, J, is moving to Florida.  More details and cool art coming.  Here is what we know so far.  it is out at old stomping grounds – Toad Tavern in Englewood.  Friday night, Feb 4th 8 pm

Sometime before the weekend is out, I will also have a handy dandy Facebook event to remind you.