Merchandise?   We don’t have any.  You want to buy something?  Tell you what.  I got this janky ass wheelbarrel in my back yard.   How about if the band all signs it with a sharpie?   $200, just for you!

We are kicking around t-shirt production ideas.  However, those will likely be available only at local shows.

* update > t shirts are coming soon, if you believe the word of a drummer.  T shirts will be available early 2010.  Each t shirt comes with a personal drummer.  Seriously, he will be your chore monkey.  What better way to spend $7?

** update to the update > it is mid 2010, late 2011 2013 2015 2017 and we don’t have any tshirts available for you all yet.  What you can take away from this?  Our drummer is a fucking liar!  Don’t worry, we are still going to do shirts… as soon as we get few extra hundred bucks and as much time.  Look to fall. If I fail you then, and I certainly might, please continue to blame Dan. *** update on the update on the update – March 2013 > I don’t see us bothering with shirts anytime soon.  In extra money we get would go to newer, more powerful, and lighter power amps.  It’s not sexy, but carrying these old fuckers that weigh about 80 pounds each is a young man’s game.

plus… we are working on a new band name.  So, odds are it would not be a wise investment to buy a stock of ‘ClownFight’ anything.

Well, it is now 2013. 2015.  Those shirts never materialized, and I can tell you we have no current intention of doing shirts.  If that changes, though, we’ll let you know right here.  Jesus, what was I doing trusting a drummer?

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