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Hey all,

You likely won’t see great quality video or audio here.  We are just a bar band, with zero budget for production.  But, what we do have, we will share with you.  I just unearthed about 6cds worth of archive stuff from live gigs and band practice.  All the way back to Kehli and Dave being in the band.  I  hope to get some of the better stuff up soon.
For now, all the videos are from our friends at the Toad Tavern in Littleton. This is because they have film every band, which is awesome for us.

Also… if you go to our aged MySpace page, there are a bunch of cool music downloads there.  To be honest, I don’t even remember that password to that account, or what email I used.  So, it is locked in time from about 10 years ago.  Odds are we will be back with a better site there soon.  Justin Timberlake bought the whole thing and is turning into a music showcase site.

 ClownFight’s MySpace page – I don’t have the passwords or log ins to this site anymore.  It is frozen in time.

This one below is our most recent.  This was filmed in our practice space with a cell phone.  Oct 2014

Here is us doing a demo submission for Mike Rowe’s newest CNN show, Somebody’s Gotta do it.  I have reason to believe we were close.  I think we were in second or third place for a bit.  The deal was he did a little video introducing the song.  Then, crowdsourced it to the internet.  He said, well, just watch it here.  He is pretty great.


part 1 below. Toad Tavern jan 2013

part 2 same show

and part 3 same show

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