Ok folks, looks like we are playing Toad Tavern on May 14th.  It’s a Friday night, $4 cover with ticket.  I will have much more details soon, including the other bands’ info, and our poster art.  Thanks for supporting us, and come back in a couple days.

Delta River Mudcats , Shrieking Violet , and Free Radt will also be joining us.

Also, please take this opportunity to join us on Facebook for more frequent updates.  Within the month, we will be launching an all new website, with audio and video content…  bootlets, demos, and jams.

See you soon, and thanks for your support.  This will be our only show in May, so please make it!

please click HERE to get your tickets printed.  We will have hard copy tickets as well, but you can email this link…  make photo copies… whatever.  No one cares.  We just want you there, darlings.