Behind the music

Sure, VH-1 has talked about ‘Behind the Music’, but really, it was behind the musician.  This?  This is high art, and unique.  This is what happens behind the music.  Just before rehearsal, or just a few minutes after recording.  This is our basement studio in rural Colorado.  You’ll never find us.  Don’t even try.

20150625_134200_resized 20150625_134233_resized 20150625_134250_resized 20150625_134315_resized 20150625_134347_resized 20150625_134410_resized 20150625_134458_resized 20150625_134612_resized 20150625_134629_resized 20150625_134721_resized 20150625_134745_resized 20150625_134849_resized

the dog?  That’s Rufus.  My favorite picture, and the one that honestly started all of this, is the one of the microphone.

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