Ok, few things here.  I have added info for the party at my house this weekend (march 21st, 2009).  This includes directions and will be updated with more details as we get closer.  I am hoping we can get a few sets together, so it is under ‘shows’.  A coming out, of sorts, as ‘Clownfight’.

Also, this web provider offers really cool tracking data.  I can tell how many people came to the site every day.  I can tell where they came from, and how they got to our site.  I can also tell how long they stayed, and what the last site was they were at before getting to our page.   So, there is some actionable data to be mined once we get our name out there.

unfortunatley, you as the reader don’t have access to see the behind the scences stuff, but it is information I can certainly provide.