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Ok, we are back live at a new venue in Parker.  You may know it as Cervino’s Underground, but it is under new management and is now called ‘Peak Underground’.  It’s just off Main St in Parker.  We are playing with the great Damon Wood and Harmonious Junk on Aug 24th.


updates and pics

Hey all,

Here we are in late July.  The band is busy rehearsing and general summering – travel, etc.  We are looking to book in Parker, CO for late August or early Sept.  Details to come here, or our Facebook page.  In the meantime, here are some pics from our last show.

New gig announced


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It’s been a while, but we are back.  Well, we never left, but haven’t played out in a bit.  We are returning to the Fairway Gill.  Friday, June 15th.    They are at County Line and Colorado.   Special guests to be announced soon!   Just added to the bill is our old pal Chuck Booty bringing some acoustic love with the funk behind it!   The show starts at 8.  Here is the beauty – no tickets, no cover charges, none of that shit.  Just spend about $1200 at the bar…. each… and everything will be cool.    We love you, and are looking forward to seeing you soon.

our newest video


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Ok, team… we have a video up finally.  It’s not terrific, but I didn’t bother making it terrific because there are a ton of legalities involved. I should say, illegalities.

Anyhow, this is a song from the Rolling Stones.  It is owned by them, and Ascap/BMI.  This is for educational purposes only.  Anyhow, enjoy our first endeavor at the fabled rock video. You remember ‘Thriller’? You remember ‘Rio’? Now remember this >


Our new look

Hey all,

Welcome back to the old web page.  Here is the deal, we are in a time out for the rest of the year.  We lost some band members… amicably, and are going to rebuild as a 3 piece.  Justin, Danny pants, and myself.  We aren’t sure if we are going to keep the name, but we ARE going to keep making music.  That is our commitment to you, and each other.  Odds are you won’t see us gigging out until early 2012.

Thanks for all of your support.  You will see us again, and we are still playing together every week.  Check back here for updates.  We are available for booking 2012 as well.

our new web page

Hey all,

Thank you for visiting.  If you are here, and clearly you are, you are bookmarked to our old site.  Going forward, updates will be posted on our newer site.  Please go here, and thank you for everything.  See you soon!

At the new site, we have music downloads, facebook linky thingies, and ticket resources.  Go there, not here!

May show announced

Ok folks, looks like we are playing Toad Tavern on May 14th.  It’s a Friday night, $4 cover with ticket.  I will have much more details soon, including the other bands’ info, and our poster art.  Thanks for supporting us, and come back in a couple days.

Delta River Mudcats , Shrieking Violet , and Free Radt will also be joining us.

Also, please take this opportunity to join us on Facebook for more frequent updates.  Within the month, we will be launching an all new website, with audio and video content…  bootlets, demos, and jams.

See you soon, and thanks for your support.  This will be our only show in May, so please make it!

please click HERE to get your tickets printed.  We will have hard copy tickets as well, but you can email this link…  make photo copies… whatever.  No one cares.  We just want you there, darlings.