still here

Hey all,

Sorry for the lack of action lately.  May was insanity for us.  We move practice houses, had a public show, and then a private show with an eclectic mix of musicians.  It was awesome, but May left us needing a break.  Practice starts back up next week, and odds are you will see us somewhere in August, but possibly not before.  Guess it depends who is hiring out there.

Thanks – the boys

next show up

We have a special birthday show coming up on March 22nd.  It’s an early show, 8 pm.  This is a birthday show for at least 50% of the band.  In addition, we will have a VERY special guest on stage with us.  New music, new instruments, new members.  It’s a big night, and we would like you there.  Oh, the venue?  The Toad, of course.  Everywhere else we play goes out of business.  Seriously.  Should have hired us sooner . 🙂  Stay tuned!
CF toad JPG March 2013

Where are we?

Hey all,

Just wanted to check in.  We haven’t disappeared.  We are just holed up practicing  We have nearly an entirely new set for you next time you see us.   We’ll try and get a show going in Nov.  Check back in in a couple of weeks.  We love you!