There is only 3 of us in this picture. Not sure what picture I was referring to. At various times we were a 3 piece, 4 piece, 6 piece? With all love and regards to Dave, Chris, Tony, Kelly, and Di… us three below are the ones who were there from day 1 until the end.

Did it end? No, but its on another multi-state hiatus. Again.

Death can not stop true love, only postpone it

Wesley/Farm Boy/Dred Pirate Roberts

Found this in my phone, says it was 2012. Got me thinking about stuff we accomplished having fun

  • Made fans who weren’t just our friends
  • Sold merch (a signed busted bass drum head)
  • Closed down several bars
  • Played a block party
  • Melted Dan’s drums at said block party… the hottest day of the year
  • Had gigs shut down by police
  • Had a stabbing outside our show
  • Played some weddings
  • Got recognized at a Red Rocks show for being in ClownFight
  • Got paid to play rock and roll
  • Traveled the world as a band
  • Made it into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
  • Got into a fistfight with Axl Rose
  • Played Red Rocks

Ok… the last few haven’t technically happened…. YET!

Were we the best? Were we the loudest? We never claimed to be. No sir, what we wereare… is Denver’s Three-est®

Thanks for the laughs… we’ll see you again. Once we get J (inmate #3664487756 Pima County Correctional) facility back to Colorado.