Hey all,

Just wanted to drop you a line to tell you where we are at right now.  As we head into March, we don’t have anything booked.  While we are looking at a weekend slot pretty soon at the Toad, that may be it for March.  We are going back underground to the ClownFight lounge to put more music together for you.

A lot of the bars I am looking at aren’t booking until Summer.  You will see us before then, I promise.  However, you can expect a very full summer of shows and activities.

I wanted to throw a shout out to a band we played with the other night.  They are called Picture Pilot out of Vegas.  They were very cool people, and a great sounding band.  Check them out, it is in your best interest.  I have linked them above, and you can find them through our Myspace page as well.  That is all for now, folks.  Thanks for stopping by.  * oh, up there?  That is our new manager, Giuseppe.  We think he is stealing Dan’s weed.