* update

We have received lots of questions about this weekend’s shows.  The problem is, you won’t find the venue, Lindee’s, by looking it up.  It is too new.  In fact, there are three different signs at the venue.  One says ‘Club Deep’.  One says ‘Somewhere Else’, and one says ‘Lindee’s Sports bar and grill’.  The bar is just a touch north of Hampden on Oleander court.  Hint, there is a McDonalds one side of the street and a Diamond Shamrock on the other.  It is about 5 minutes East of I-25.

There is NO cover.  Music will start sometime after 8:30, I reckon.  We have two bands playing > us being one of them.  See you soon!

Hey all,

CF lindee's
We have two shows lined up for December so far.  Details about those soon.  More importantly, we have two shows coming up this weekend.  ClownFight returns too Lindee’s bar and grill in Denver for a two night stand with our good friends ‘Behaving Badly’.  Directions HERE. No cover, see you there!  We got some new tunes worked out and Dan plays the second set completely nekkid!