Ok, I already have some great feedback… and the page is less than 12 hours old.  I am adding a password protected page on the right for intra-band communications, sheet music, etc.

We will have pictures up soon.  I have a ten meg digital camera I will bring to the next rehearsal.   We can take a bunch of pics of us rehearshing, and maybe a few group shots outside while it is still light.  I can have those put up on the site that night.

Also, Di mentioned more Mojo.  I am totally down with that.  He can be our mascott.  Think of Lou-dog from Sublime.  Ok, I am at work… but will work on that stuff today anyway.  Even if I am three days behind from being sick.

Oh, someone mentioned comments.  The page does have comments, and does post them.  Because of spam problems, they have to be manually approved by me.  However, once you post a single comment and I approve it… all your other comments going forward are automatically approved.

You can drop me a line at home or at work.  here is my work, it is the best way to get a hold of me because I always have my blackberry on me.

kevin.lang at sprint.com